Puzzle Ring Solutions

Here on the Puzzle Ring Emporium web site, you will find instructions and puzzle ring solutions for 4-band rings, 6-band puzzle ring solutions, puzzle ring solution for 8-band, 7-band puzzle ring solutions, and all of our other rings. 

Click on the links below to view written, and in some cases, video puzzle rings instructions. Please note that the general pattern to solve most puzzle rings is similar from one ring to the next. It may help you to view the solution for the 4-Band 4C3 puzzle ring first to get a general idea of how puzzle rings go together. Good luck!

3-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

3CH, 3CHWBD (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

4-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

4CH, 4CHWB (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

5-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

5CHTW2A (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

6-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

6CH, 6CHTW (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

7-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

7CHTW3A (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

8-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions


9-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions

9CHTW, 9CHTW4B (See Chain Ring Instructions below)

10-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions


11-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions


13-Band Puzzle Ring Solutions


Chain Ring Solutions

The above instructions also apply to Celtic puzzle ring solutions and Turkish puzzle ring solutions, which are just different names for puzzle rings.

Good luck and have fun!