Our Top 5 Favorite Jewelry Blogs for 2016

Posted by Puzzle Ring Emporium on 10/12/2016

Once a year we publish our Top 5 favorite jewelry blogs. Our criteria is based on what we think is appealing to the average jewelry consumer, not necessarily to individuals in the jewelry business. We admit to also being partial to bloggers who write about unique jewelry designs, since our puzzle rings clearly fall into that category.

So, in no particular order, here are our Top 5 Jewelry Bloggers for 2016:

  • JCK Online (http://www.jckonline.com) – No jewelry blog review would be complete without including JCK Online, which actually features several full-blown "blogs within a blog", each authored by a different JCK writer. Our favorite four are:

On Your Market, authored by jewelry maven Brittany Siminitz (@BrittsPickJCK), highlights the latest jewelry products and style trends. We like On Your Market because Brittany's topics are the kind that are popular with our Puzzle Ring Emporium followers.

Style 360, written by Jennifer Heebner (@jenniferheebner) features new collections, trends, and celebrity styles. As with the On Your Market blog, we find ourselves constantly resharing Jennifer's blog posts because we know our followers will enjoy her articles.

Social Settings by Logan Sachon (@LS_JCK) often features our favorite jewelry, rings! Logan is very much in touch with what's happening related to jewelry on the Internet, so her blog is always an interesting read.

Off The Chain by editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky (@vika22), gives readers a wide-angle-lens look at the jewelry industry. Her articles are not necessarily always for the average jewelry shopper, but puzzle ring enthusiasts still enjoy much of what Victoria writes.

  • Gem Gossip (http://gemgossip.com) – We love Danielle Miele's Gem Gossip blog because Danielle (@gemgossip) loves rings! One of our favorite regular features on the Gem Gossip blog is Danielle's 'Show Me Your Rings' feature where she give anyone and everyone an opportunity to show off their own personal rings. For us puzzle ring lovers it's one of the coolest blog articles to read and view because you will see more unique rings designs there than anywhere else on the Internet. Way to go, Danielle!
  • Gemologue (http://gemologue.com) – According to blogger Liza Urla (@gemologue), she has poured her "heart and soul" into Gemalogue and it shows. Liza says that since 2009 her Gemalogue blog has been her passion and the center of her universe. This great jewelry blog features exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewelry reviews. Her articles are consistently enlightening.
  • Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog (http://wendybrandes.com) – Wendy Brandes (@WendyBrandes) is an award-winning designer of fine jewelry and consistently considered to be one of the top jewelry bloggers on the Internet. A former journalist, she's been writing about jewelry, fashion, medieval history, news, feminism, dogs, cats and whatever else is on her mind since 2007. Wendy's jewelry blog is always entertaining!
  • Ageless Heirlooms (http://agelessheirlooms.com) – We really enjoy reading Lauren Thomann's (@agelessheirloom) articles on Ageless Heirlooms because we think her articles appeal particularly well to the everyday person who might be interested in jewelry. Which, in addition to her own blog, is probably why Lauren is also the resident "jewelry expert" for About.com's jewelry section (http://jewelry.about.com). Lauren's articles are always informative, interesting and just plain enjoyable to read.