“FAVE 5” OF THE WEEK – JULY 17, 2015

Posted by Puzzle Ring Emporium on 7/17/2015

Puzzle rings are cool. Everybody should own one. But there are lots of other cool things happening out there in the designer jewelry world and Puzzle Ring Emporium wants to keep you informed and entertained. For this reason, each week we pick our favorite five, or as we call it, our “Fave 5” can’t miss articles to share with you.

Social media is ablaze with great content covering every topic under the sun, so it’s pretty tough to pick just five. To do so, we try to focus our “Fave 5” blog posts on three main areas of interest:

  • Cool designer jewelry that is unique and different. You know there are plenty of blogs out there that focus on more traditional jewelry, but we’re looking for ‘UNIQUE’—and we think you will enjoy that!
  • Ring, rings, and more rings! Puzzle Ring Emporium is all about rings, so of course we want to find great stories about what’s new and exciting in rings!
  • Designer Jewelry is fun ... and so are we! We are always on the lookout for stories that will put a smile on your face, educate you, or add to your excitement as a jewelry owner. You will love these stories.

So, without further ado, here are our “Fave 5” stories of the past week!


Because Puzzle Ring Emporium is in the “quality” jewelry business, this story by the TODAY Show’s investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen grabbed our attention even though it’s a few months old. We are constantly frustrated with the proliferation of overpriced, fake, and falsely advertised rings, and it’s not just in vacation spots like the Caribbean, the problem is even more prevalent online. As Rossen points out in his story, so many of us go on vacation and see those jewelry store owners in the doorway saying, “Come in! We have a great deal for you!” They claim their jewelry is different than back in the States. But the big question Rossen asks—and you should too when you are shopping online—is, “Are you really getting the sparkly deal they promise?” That goes double for online shopping.


It seems everyone values their family heirlooms, but sometimes for different reasons. For example, our puzzle rings make popular heirlooms, passed from generation to generation, but not everyone in the family looks at their value the same way. This article by Chelsea Drusch on the Jewelry Blog talks about how being the caretaker of a piece of family heirloom jewelry can become a sticky subject. Some family members may want to keep it forever, while others may want to “cash out” and sell it. Yet other may want to redesign or repurpose it into something else altogether. This article examines things you can do to help your family make the most informed decision.


We just couldn’t resist featuring this story by Logan Sachon about Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his ring avulsion accident. In Jimmy’s own words he called it the ‘lamest thing in the whole world.’ But after a six-hour surgery that required transplanting a vein from his foot into his hand and then another 10 days in the ICU, the funny man may not be laughing. He is think of becoming a ring designer though and has some ideas he’d like to share with anyone who’s willing to list. Maybe Puzzle Ring Emporium should talk to him about developing the “safe” Jimmy Fallon Wedding Ring.


Logan Sachon, who is the Social Media Journalist for JCK Magazine, scores TWO articles in our “Fave 5” this week! After reading about Jimmy Fallon almost losing a finger to a ring, we just had to include Sachon’s article about The Necklace That Saved a Life . Janeice Frisbee of Humboldt, Tenn., was kidnapped from her Humboldt home as she got ready to head to the bank where she worked just down the street. According to the original story , the perp, Dominic Williams who has been charged with the crime, told her he was going to shoot her, and despite Frisbee doing every he asked her to do, he did. But her necklace saved her life! Read this story and find out how.


There are gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, stainless steel rings and even wood rings. But have you ever heard of a ring made out of a meteorite? Now that’s cool! According to this article by Lisa Krikawa , publisher of the Krikawa Jewelry Designs Blog, a meteorite is a warm grey material truly unlike anything on earth. And because this space rock crystallizes in a unique pattern when it crosses into our atmosphere, every piece is slightly different. At Puzzle Ring Emporium we wholeheartedly agree with Lisa that most people (these days) want anything but cookie-cutter ring designs (which is a good reason to check out our puzzle rings), but if you want a meteorite on your finger, look Lisa up!